Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Welcome to the Harrison County Heritage Council!

Greetings Cynthiana/Harrison County Peeps! As your neighborhood action team on a mission to protect, preserve, and promote our heritage, we would like to welcome you to our world! The world has changed quite a lot in regards to heritage. As the years march on by, our heritage grows in volume, but decreases in actualization. Our heritage is a fragile thing. One minute it can be a healthy and stable landmark, and in the next it can be in extreme danger. This is where we can help. Our members are active and ready to advocate on behalf of history/heritage that needs help and support. We have a few active projects going on at the moment, but are always on the look out for additional ways to help safeguard the heritage of our beloved city and county. Are we a group of crazies that want to save everything that has aged a little to protect "heritage" in all its forms - far from it. Projects that protect our heritage should be reasonably thought out, discussed, and protected if it's feasible to do so. We are passionate though, so look out Cynthiana/Harrison County - We're bringing history back!

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